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"The purest form of insanity is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope that something will change."
                Albert Einstein

A motto by Albert Einstein, which can be viewed as a supporting thought at any time if you wish for change.


No matter what special stressful situations, current life crises, or (mental) illnesses put obstacles in our way: every change happens with the first step. I would like to support you professionally.

In my private practice in Zehlendorf, I offer further developments of classic psychotherapeutic methods that are emotion-focused and can be used specifically for depression and burnout, fears, trauma and other complaints.

The focus is always on the person as a whole. My aim is to be as flexible as possible on the respective To hire people and accordingly to combine them again and again from the variety of therapeutic methods. My range of services includes hypnosis and EMDR, as well as integrative psychotherapy according to Christoph Mahr.

My aim is to understand every person in depth and to accompany them on their way to self-realization. In doing so, I have always focused on the individual resources with the aim of activating the abilities that lie dormant in everyone. 


My achievements


"The path lays itself under the feet of those who walk."

I am very happy to accompany you!

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