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My achievements

Good reasons for a therapeutic intervention:

Is there a misunderstanding between your personal current and desired state, which you cannot overcome on your own? 

Then I am very happy to help them gain access to all their resources in order to regain their full strength.

Health at all levels:

Body, soul and spirit, is their natural state. Based on this deep conviction, I am very happy to accompany you on your way!

I help them

  • overcoming life crises

  • overcoming fears, panic and phobias

  • overcoming depression and burnout

  • processing traumatic experiences

  • the desire for change, even if it doesn't yet have a name

IPT integrative psychotherapy

The "integrative psychotherapy" therapy model I learned and practiced according to Christoph Mahr includes methods and approaches that focus on schema therapy, hypnotherapy, gestalt therapy, psychotherapy, systemic therapy and logotherapy, as well as NLP and EMDR.

This therapy model is both solution- and emotion-focused and forms the basis of my therapeutic work. It's about making everything possible that is ethically and economically suitable to support people in their desired changes.

"Every idea that fulfills us strives to be realized!"

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EMDR- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing- Desensitization and processing through eye movement. EMDR can be used for both severe trauma and supposedly minor traumatic experiences that everyone has probably experienced before.

Scientifically proven, EMDR is the most successful therapeutic method for post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). In the meantime, EMDR is used far beyond this diagnosis as the means of choice. For example in pain therapy, as well as in anxiety and panic disorders.

"Small" traumas from childhood, which we are often not even aware of, can lead to various symptoms in adulthood. Mental and/or psychosomatic illnesses from unprocessed experiences are often the result.

EMDR is a modern therapeutic method that can be used for anxiety disorders, pain disorders, adjustment disorders, depressive moods, psychosomatic disorders, tinnitus and any form of stressful memories.

"Go ahead," says the soul to the body, "he won't listen to me. Maybe he'll listen to you."

"I will get sick, then he will have time for you",

says the body to the soul.

Ulrich Schaffer

Hypnotherapy- Hypnosis

"Every human being is an individual. Psychotherapy should therefore be defined as meeting the uniqueness of an individual's needs, rather than pruning the human being to fit the Procrustean bed of a hypothetical theory of human behavior."


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Trained as a hypnotherapist according to Milton Erickson, the pioneer and forefather of traditional hypnosis, I use this scientifically based form of therapy to help people achieve their goals and mobilize their own strength.

Modern hypnotherapy is solution- and resource-oriented. It activates the helpful skills, memories and experiences in the subconscious in order to achieve goals or overcome illnesses/symptoms.

Modern hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson is also a useful therapeutic tool for pain therapy and impulse control (smoking cessation/weight reduction).

Modern brain research has shown that people under hypnosis are neither unconscious nor anything like that. On the contrary, they are extremely alert and alert. In the trance state, the attention is directed inwards, i.e. towards your subconscious. You remain in control at all times. 

"Children are told stories to put them to sleep - adults to wake them up."

                                                                                                 Jorge Bucay

talk therapy

The psychologist and psychotherapist Carl R. Rogers is the founder of person-centered psychotherapy. The form of therapy he founded is based on a humanistic image of man and is one of the most recognized and well-established psychotherapy methods worldwide.

The focus is always on the relationship between the client and therapist. It is considered the essential aspect to bring about effective change in the client. According to the motto "Every therapy stands and falls with the relationship to the therapist".
Empathy and appreciation of each individual are in the foreground here.

In this form of therapy, the client learns, with the help of the therapist, to explore himself and to regain his abilities for self-realization. The goal is to be/become how one is really meant to be. This lays the foundation for independent problem solving.

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